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Christian Education

21449120_sChristian Education’s (CE) vision is to:

‘Empower students to be effective Christians, in order to fulfill their God given potential’.

The values of CE are three-fold to include:

  • Potential: students develop awareness of their untapped abilities.
  • Purpose: students develop awareness of their purpose so they can
  • Excellence: CE is conducted to a high standard in terms of administration

At CE we believe each person has potential and purpose and is precious in the sight of God. Our key role is to help each individual to fulfill their God given potential by rightly applying the Word of God to their lives.


The secondary role of CE is to ensure students are equipped with the tools necessary to:

  • identify their purpose;
  • operate in their purpose with clarity, conviction and integrity; and
  • to be effective in every area of their life (spirit, soul and body), we believe God cares about his people holistically.

God bless from Christian Education Ministry Team.